An addendum to Neo-Jovinianism

Last year during the uproar on one of the many, many Doug Wilson scandals, I wrote “Against the Neo-Jovinians” where I argued that a semi-monastic life of disciplined ascetism is a better cure for pedophiles than, say, marrying them off so they can have more babies to abuse. I suggested that the pedophile should go live with some cranky monks for about 30 years to burn away the garbage.

I stand by that as common sense.  In one facebook debate a key Wilsonite pointed out that many monasteries suffered from sodomy.  And that’s true.  So I need to clarify what I meant.  When I said person x should go life with some monks, I didn’t mean in a communal, coenibitic monastery with a bunch of Wilsonites his own age.  That certainly is a recipe for disaster.

No, I meant something along the lines of going to life with five or six older (50 years +) men who can guide him.


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Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Reformed Scholasticism, Medievalism, Substance Metaphysics
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  1. cal says:

    Many Protestants make fun of monasteries and monastic behavior for all the wrong reasons. Maybe a deficient notion of justification paves over what is possible in this life for a Christian following his or her Lord. As many accounts of monks in the Desert will attest: the wilderness is certainly not a place goes to in order to run from his demons, it’s the place he decides to stand his ground and fight.

    But of course, instead of the struggle of fidelity and devotion, we settle for much less. Maybe it’s a reason why the many cults of modernity (capitalism, militarism, nationalism, etc.) win out, they offer a much more interesting and fulfilling life than myopic Christianity, which resides only in weekly services and possession of knowledge. It’s much more exciting to build a company, make money, buy things, kill people, fulfill lurid sexual fantasies etc etc. than otherwise.

    Wilson tried to create a novum out of Puritan and Scottish social formations, and ended up the same way: inane, rejected, and ultimately perverted from the inside out from power-mad pastors.

    2 cents,


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