Bibliography on English Civil War

I’ve been asked my thoughts on books relating to British revolution.  I am a little more knowledgeable about the time period 1630-1662, with some moments during the Killing times.

Fraser, Antonia.  Cromwell.  Not a scholarly biography, but a wealth of material nonetheless.  Remarkably fair, given that Fraser is a Catholic.

Pestana.  Oliver Cromwell and the Bid for Jamaica.  Not out yet, but looks fascinating.

Coffey, John.  Politics, Religion, and the British Revolution.  Best book on Samuel Rutherford.

Fissel, Mark Charles.  The Bishops’ Wars. I’ve had my eye on this for a while.  Should be important, given that this incident set in motion events that would eventually decapitate Charles I.

Ackroyd.  Rebellion.  Follows events up to the Glorious Revolution.

D’Aubigne, Merle.  The Protector.  Warm and pastoral bio on Cromwell.  Mostly outstanding but D’Aubigne completely misunderstands Matthew 5-7 in his criticism of Cromwell.

Hill, Christopher.  God’s Englishman.  Bio of Cromwell from a Marxist perspective.  Ironically, he probably understand Cromwell better than most Christians.

———–.  The Century of Revolution.  

Roberts, Keith.  Cromwell’s War Machine.  I had fun with it.


Not a scholarly source, but fun nonetheless.

Cromwell starring Alec Guinnes and Richard Harris.  Focuses on events up to Cromwell’s sending the Army on Parliament.  Wonderful movie.  In seminary I watched it at least once a week.

The Devil’s Whore.  (Available on Youtube).  Not from a Christian perspective, but mostly well-done.  Chronicles the career of Lady Fairshaw. Some sexuality but no actual nudity.  Great job on Cromwell and his generals (though some are fictitious).

To Kill a King.  Bleh.  Lacked the epic feel of Cromwell and the quality production of The Devil’s Whore.



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6 Responses to Bibliography on English Civil War

  1. cal says:

    Thanks for this! Also, I recall one time where you posted a source about a certain covenanter who, as he prayed, was surrounded by light. Do you have that source?


  2. simonjkyte says:

    hmmmm what about ‘england on edge’?


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