Books I didn’t finish reading

Sometimes it is the books that you didn’t finish reading that can shape you as much as the books you did finish.  This failure to close can be temporary or long-term, and if you are open, you can see the Spirit’s leading.  The following are not necessarily bad books, but maybe they are books that didn’t “connect” with me.

Brakel, Wilhemus.  The Christian’s Reasonable Service.  It reads smoothly and is quite warm pastorally. I needed more depth after I had finished Turretin.

Cunningham, William.  Historical Theology volume 2 and Theology of the Reformers and Reformation.  He has great stuff on justification and atonement.  He drops the ball on the sacraments, coming close to admitting that the Baptists are right!  Deliberately makes his chapter on the Trinity weak, offering only a negative defense.

Olson, Roger.  The Story of Christian Theology.  I actually think this is a good intro–for a middle school class.  It’s easy to beat up on Olson because he thinks he is being martyred by Calvinists, but the book is very good in spots.  Most literature in America is written on the 5th grade level. I think you will see that here.  The stuff on the early church is good.  He loses control of his narrative during the post-reformation debates.


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Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Reformed Scholasticism, Medievalism, Substance Metaphysics
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  1. Christian says:

    “He drops the ball on the sacraments, coming close to admitting that the Baptists are right!” IIRC, T.E. Watson includes a good many Cunningham quotes in his “Should Babies Be Baptized?” Watson’s method was to pit paedobaptist against paedobaptist in an attempt to show that each argument for infant baptism had been refuted by other paedobaptists.


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