A Heidegger study list

Heidegger is notoriously difficult, but once you decode him he is easy and there is a huge payoff.  The following is more or less what I did.

I did some study notes on Heidegger that some might find helpful.

a) Jamie Smith’s *Desiring the Kingdom,* despite all of Smith’s goofiness, does a good job explaining what Heidegger was about.
b) I read Heidegger’s *Basic Writings* first. The upshot is that you get a glimpse of his finest writing. The downside is you really don’t understand his project until you read Being and Time.
c) My intellectual mentor, Matthew Raphael Johnson, has a good lecture on Heidegger.
d) The world-class British orator Jonathan Bowden did an outstanding lecture on Heidegger. He places Heidegger as the counter-opposite of Satre

Merold Westphal has a good introductory lecture.  Here is a course he did.  The audio is awful, but you might be able to make something out of it.


About J. B. Aitken

Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Reformed Scholasticism, Medievalism, Substance Metaphysics
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3 Responses to A Heidegger study list

  1. joannesambrosius says:

    Question about nationalism, which probably might only be tangential to Heidegger. How does one walk the fine line of being a nationalist without being a fascist? Or, alternatively, how does one serve and support the nation’s interests first without supporting an exceptionalism whereby one sees his/her as superior to another, all the while maintaining a kind of fraternity of nations (especially Christian ones)? Admittedly, while globalism scares me, so does nationalism, albeit to a lesser degree.


    • Jacob BA says:

      Following Dugin I would agree with your concerns about exceptionalism.

      As to fascism, I don’t think the problem is facsism in itself, but rather the racial overtones of the 3rd Reich and modern Neo-Nazis. Racial supremacism is stupid and a throwback to Darwinism. If I outlined fascist economics to someone without explaining it, he would probably fall asleep.

      I myself am not a fascist, not even a National Socialist. I might do a report on nationalism and socialism in the future.


      • joannesambrosius says:

        Nationalism + eugenics/darwinism = unmitigated tyranny and disaster. Is that a fair summary? Thanks for your political ruminations. I find them interesting. I’d like to see you write some more on the future on Putin. I admire him in certain ways, but he makes me sick in another. Being a world leader in a fallen world is a tough job and I’m glad– at least it seems so hitherto– that God is not calling me to such a task.


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