Joseph P. Farrell: An Annotated Bibliography

I had been meaning to do this for a while, but recently several things dovetailed.

I started reading and listening to Farrell back in 2009.  I’ve read about half of his stuff (he publishes a book every six months).  I’ve done previous posts on him, so that can fill you in on the back story.

Before you do anything else, familiarize yourself with Heiser’s divine council thesis. It puts Farrell’s “ancient elite agenda” into a better perspective.  Then read, or at least listen to, Derek Gilbert’s Satan’s Psy-ops.

Farrell’s work divides into theology and esoterica.



Free Choice in St Maximus the Confessor.  I think this is a version of his dissertation.  It’s out of print but available online.

God, History, and Dialectic.  An awe-inspiring project, but uneven in some places.

He also began uploading some syllabi on a sister site.

Miscellaneous Works.  This is cheap.  $11.99 and chock-full of brilliant stuff on person, nature, etc.

Patristic Lecture Notes.  This is overpriced, though it is mainly a shortened version of GHD.



He said there was an order to reading his books.  I’ll follow that order here, though I will deviate at times.  I’m limiting these to books I’ve read.

The Giza Death Star trilogy. I read the first and third ones.  I’m undecided on whether the pyramid was a weapon.  The argument for it is there.  I have nothing riding on it either way.  If you are okay with the fact that the archons and the Watchers exist, and you stay anchored in Heiser’s project, you can navigate these books safely.  The quality is good, but not outstanding.

Nazi International.  This is a foundational text.  It explains everything you need to know on what key Nazi players were doing in South America after WWII.

Reich of the Black Sun.  He explores the possibility that Hitler had nuclear technology but no payload.  Also hints at why General Patton was murdered by the Allies.

Philosopher’s Stone.  First book of his that I read.  Not key to my list, but he does reference it in other texts.

Babylon’s Banksters.  Outstanding. Simply grand.  Some ancient physics towards the end, but not necessary to his thesis.

Roswell and the Reich. I haven’t read all but I definitely recommend.  He explore the human technology angle of Roswell (still debunking the silly govt story, of course) without going into the “I’m not saying it was aliens, but…” line.

LBJ and the Conspiracy to kill Kennedy. I’m reading it right now.  Highly recommended.  Top notch.

I plan to read his book on transhumanism, as well as his stuff on 9/11, Vipers of Venice, etc.  They look promising but I can’t say on the specifics.

As to his anti-church stuff.  I’m not going there. I’m done intellectually wrestling with his arguments.  Heiser’s taken part of them to task here.


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Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Reformed Scholasticism, Medievalism, Substance Metaphysics
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