Review: Babylon’s Banksters (Farrell)

While the specific details often border into the esoteric realm, Farrell’s broader conclusions are sound. Further, Farrell has done the painstaking work of detailing the connections between money, religion, and power. Indeed, the old adage “Follow the Money” rings true here. Farrell’s thesis on its simplest level is that there has been a secret international money cabal who has always been close to power. Farrell points out that ancient societies almost always saw a nexus involving the Temple, the Throne, and the Bullion. Further, the control of the bullion was often delegated to mercenary bands (The Bershee mines in ancient Egypt, for example)–thus further pointing to international dealings. Granted, in ancient times it was much cruder and not nearly as heinous and perfected as it is today.


Farrell begins his story with Li’s formula, pointing to the Chinese statitician who supposedly started the economic meltdown a few years ago. The formula doesn’t make sense to my understanding–but neither does the reasoning of those in power, so it’s probably an accurate description. There are two ways to view currency: a debt note or a real symbol of wealth. Strong countries had strong currencies (no, not the gold standard). The currency they issued–state currency–represented the real wealth of a nation. The currency issued by private groups is rather a facsimile of a facsmile. It does not represent real wealth, but only debt.

At this point Farrell begins his discussion of ancient physics. While I’m not competent to discuss what’s going on, there is one aspect that is relevant to his thesis: if you are going to have wealth independent of the banksters, you must have an energy source/defense to guarantee your survival. Enter Nikola Tesla. Tesla had actually found a way to provide limitless energy to the world, using the earth as the physical medium. And if the parallels between his project and the Tuskunga event are true, he was also able to weaponize it. J. P. Morgan, being a priest of the Banksters, found a way to discredit and impoverish Tesla. Tesla had challenged the banksters and paid for it.

This also explains Nazi Germany’s desire for energy. The Nazis, for all their evils, found a way to do an end-run around the Rockefeller/Rothschild banking cartel. With the Nazi fall, many SS officers emigrated to South America. Assuming that the Nazis did have weapons and physics beyond regular imagination, the Rockefellers saw several potentials: 1) The Rockefeller/Rothschilds, likely being the spiritual descendants of Nimrod and no doubt having deep Masonic and occultic roots, coveted that technology (and the money behind it). The Nazis had no way (and no point) of using that technology, nor did they want to give it to their enemies. 2) However, they did need an outlet for their money and the Rockefellers needed the interest that the Nazi billions would accrue in the banks.

Therefore, the Nazis and the Rockefellers reached a detente. Further, David Rockefeller intuited that a global government would give the banksters easier access to the physics they sought. Thus, the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergs (a Nazi actually started the Bilderbergs, a group that regularly sees Republican and Democrat participation).

That’s the general heart of the book. He says a lot more on the deep physics aspect. I simply do not have the expertise to judge his remarks. However, I now understand how *he* thinks the Giza Pyramids functioned as weapons. Normally radio (and energy) waves move in an “S” pattern (think of two people holding a jump rope and one popping it up/down). When this happens, the majority of the energy/power/??? is lost in the air. Tesla, however, in using the *earth* as the physical medium found a much powerful and clear way to send waves (think of two people holding a yard stick instead of a jump rope. The majority of the energy is still there upon reception). Tesla’s experiment grasped deep beneath the earth and, if the accounts are to be believed, likely caused the Tuskunga event. Therefore, while he may not be correct on the Pyramids, it is now easy to see Farrell’s point that the Pyramids could have functioned as such.


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