JFK Murder, File 1: The Players

Farrell, Joseph.  LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy.


Farrell argues there was a “coalescence of interests” in Kennedy’s murder.  There was no single group. This means that other Kennedy researchers are probably right but do not have the whole picture.  Kennedy analysis breaks down along the following lines:

Who wanted him dead?

How did they actually kill him (e.g., Spanky the Magic Bullet)?

Who actually had the means to pull it off?

Framing the questions this way lets Farrell show the conspiracy as layers within layers.  For example, the Mafia could easily be involved in wanting him dead, but they wouldn’t have had the long-term influence to cover it up.  The CIA, and LBJ, by contrast, could fit all three layers.

Nota Bene: At this point we are not trying to even prove that someone besides Oswald was involved.  We are only noting the people who would have wanted JFK dead and if they would have had any connection with each other.


So you can still believe that Oswald was the greatest marksman of all time.  If Spanky the Magic Bullet is even true, that doesn’t change anything I write.

Chapter 1: A Coalescence of Interests: the groups alleged to have been involved with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

  1. The Soviet Connection: Oswald and the U-2.  Oswald “defected” to the Soviet Union. That’s not too remarkable, but his past was.  He was in intelligence and stationed at the Atsugi Base in Japan where the U-2 bombers technology was located.
  2. An American U2 plane was shot down over Russia during the Paris talks.  What’s remarkable is Khrushchev’s tempered response. He seems to suggest that rogue elements are at work in the American govt.  He wants to give Eisenhower the benefit of the doubt.
  3. It’s not clear that the U2 plane was sabotaged.  
  4. Farrell summarizes his conclusions on pp. 21-23.  
  5. Kennedy made a secret agreement with Khrushchev not to invade Cuba if the missiles were withdrawn.  This seemed like a betrayal to the anti-Castro Cuban community in America. It also angered the right-wing elements of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Therefore, we see the disaffected elements of the CIA, the military, and the anti-Castro Cubans combined together (Farrell 27).

What is Oswald’s connection to the anti-Castro Cubans?  It was an old office building at 544 Camp Street, New Orleans. It “housed the CIA-created Cuban Revolutionary Council” (28).  Farrell connects the dots: one of its members, Carlos Prios Socarras engaged in gun-running operations to Cuba….to Jack Ruby!

The Mafia

American intelligence’s history with the Mafia dates at least to WWII. Mussolini had outlawed Casa Nostra, which allowed the OSS to use the Mafia as intelligence assets.  The point man was “Lucky Luciano” (32). Italian Mafioso supplied the Allies with locations of Axis troops.



Towards the end of WWII Allen Dulles made a deal with Nazi general, Reinhard Gehlen. Gehlen would use his German intelligence network, Fremde Heer Ost, to spy on the Soviets in exchange, not only for immunity, but he would head the spy agency himself.  The OSS (later the CIA) got its intelligence from Nazis (56ff).


If Oswald was being run by the CIA, then Gehlen’s organization would be the natural point of contact in his getting out of Russia.  How else could a defector leave Russia with the daughter of a GRU colonel?

Concluding Observations

Nodal points.  These are the complexes of facts that place most (or all) of the main factions at one time in one place.  There are several nodal points: The Permindex Corporation, New Orleans bars, etc.


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3 Responses to JFK Murder, File 1: The Players

  1. cal says:

    LBJ’s involvement seems relatively minimal. By Fletcher Prouty’s accounts, when Johnson was in saddle for Vietnam, he was basically clueless to what reports were being read to him and the orders and issuances he was being asked to sign. LBJ was a bigman in the small pond of congressional politics, strongmanning and squeezing people in the rough-and-tumble world of DNC politics. But when it came to drugs in Asia and Gladio in Europe, he was in an ocean beyond his depth.


    • J. B. Aitken says:

      The Warren Commission appointees speak heavily of his involvement, as it allowed him to stifle any real investigation. I think something like the assassination would have happened had there been someone besides LBJ as VP, but LBJ’s control of Texas politics allowed him to wrap up that end.


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