Rabbis in the sky? Oy vey!

The alternative to the Divine Council reading of Psalm 82 is that the beney elohim are not spirit-beings (angels, to use a very inaccurate term), but Jewish elders.   If you hold this view, then the following entail:

  1. These Jewish dudes are in heaven (while they are inhabiting earth, I guess?) having a council with Yahweh.  But we have no evidence that Jewish guys routinely met in heaven to discuss rule on earth (similar language is used in Psalm 89, but it says “cloud,” which only sharpens the problem).
  2. One of James Jordan’s students says this refers to the meeting Yahweh had with Moses and the 70 elders in Exodus 24.  There are several huge problems with this:
    a) The text nowhere says this.
    b) The ending of the meeting in Exodus 24 is positive (or neutral, at worst).  Psalm 82 is a condemnation throughout.  These are clearly two different events.
  3. Jewish elders are never promised that they would rule over the nations, so it isn’t clear how they figure into Psalm 82.  Modern Talmudists believe they do in fact rule over the nations, but that’s a different point.

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Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Reformed Scholasticism, Medievalism, Substance Metaphysics
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