The Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, File 2

Chapter 2: The Twos and the Toos: Disturbing Datasets, Doppelgangers, Duplicates, and Discrepancies

In this chapter Farrell surveys the conflicting official evidence, including the two different autopsies. I won’t spend as much time on this chapter.  Attention should be paid to the pictures of the Magic Bullet on p.95. If indeed this picture is accurate, and if indeed it went through both JFK and Gov. Connally, then there is no way it would remain in such good condition.

The difficulties with the Lone Nut theory is that Kennedy’s headed moved backwards, indicating a shot from the front.  Oswald, however, was behind Kennedy.


  1. The long-term coverup, if indeed the evidence was tampered with, rules out the Mafia, Bankers, or anti-Castro Cubans.  Farrell argues that this places us at “the second level of the conspiracy, the framing of Oswald by a variety of trails” (111).
  2. This leads us to CIA, FBI, Secret Service connections.

Chapter 3: Skeletons in the Closet

Farrell analyzes the disturbing amount of people who died under mysterious circumstances that were connected with the Warren Commission.  This analysis allows him to place key groups–mafia, military, CIA, etc–in vicinity of the crime.

It might be more important than that, though.  We see in this chapter that all of the people who “died” (or got “suicided,” to use a phrase concerning the Clinton Foundation), all had connections to the Mafia, CIA et al, etc.  Farrell concludes: “It implies there exists a network of surveillance to inform the various involved groups when one of their own has stepped ‘off the reservation’ and needs to be silenced.  It implies, in other words, some enduring structure or network” (148).

Chapter 4: The Handler, the Doctor, D. Ferrie, and other skeletons in the closet

George De Mohrenschildt: he might be the key to the whole thing.  He had connections with the CIA, the Nazis, and probably NASA.

The difficulty is that no country was sure with whom he was working (154).  After the war he returned to America and got a master’s degree in petroleum engineering, later being hired by the ONI (155).

It is unlikely, though, that he worked for the CIA.  He spied on CIA assets in the Bay of Pigs fiasco (155).

Even stranger, his petroleum connection brought him in contact with oil magnates Clint Murchison and HL Hunt (157).  Hunt himself had right-wing connections with the Fremde Heere Ost and R. Gehlen.  This places De Mohrenschildt in vicinity of Permindex Corporation.


Founded in 1958, it’s actual purpose was to fund and direct assassinations, etc (Torbitt document).  It used hotels and gambling casinos as fronts. Its donors included mafioso, NASA, fascists, and the like.  It is here that drug trafficking in South America takes off, and “these funds represented a virtually bottomless pit of money that could be kept off the books and used to fund their various black projects and covert operations” (167).


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