Zechariah 14 is future event


Klein, George.  Zechariah (NAC).

Klein argues persuasively that the events in chapter 14 must be future.

  1. (1) Numerous statements in chapter 14 have no equivalent in history (398).
    1. “God will gather all nations against Jerusalem” (v2)
    2. It will be a unique day known to the Lord (7)
    3. Yahweh will be king over the whole earth” (9)
    4. The survivors from all the nations that attacked Jerusalem will go up to worship (16)
  2. (2) The seven-fold reverberation of the eschatological formula “on that day” (bayyom-hahu) (4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 20, 21) also makes the eschatological outlook certain.

Klein does mention the connection between Yahweh’s (Jesus’s) feet landing on the Mount of Olives at the Second Coming and the earthquake that it creates (whose sole purpose is to allow the survivors time to escape). He notes textual connections with Exodus 14-15 and Ezekiel 38:19-23, which judgment will include a “great earthquake.”

Argues that the holy ones (kol-kadoshim) refers to some kind of heavenly council (407).


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