My last blog was Patristic Evangelism.  It had a good shelf life and I was loathe to stop it.  But my focus moved on.  I do think it helped the Reformed and Evangelical community.  When the subordination silliness came out, I had many outlines and analyses of Trinitarian theology ready to go.

While I’m not an authority on Patristic theology, I am a rather fair reader of it.  And I do plan to keep it available.  But that’s not the direction my life is going.  My local church (EPC) is positioned by God to really make an impact in my area for the Reformed faith, which is desperately needed given the crippling influence of Auburn Avenue in Monroe.

Thither, Cocceius?

I chose Cocceius as the patron (if I dare speak so) of my blog because in him we see the intersection of federal theology, biblical theology, and elenctic theology.  So basically Turretin + Vos (I don’t know how many historical theologians I made weep with that last sentence!)

About me

I am a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  While I believe my posts are “Reformed Scholasticism 101” and fully in line with the general tenets of the EPC, I do not blog officially and any conclusions are my own.  Any faults are imputed (!) to me and not the EPC, per se.