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Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Dutch Neo-Calvinism, Klaas Schilder.

On why I never became Arminian…

Just browsing through some google searches on audio lectures by certain syngergist philosophers and the search results brought up several Arminian pages.  Everyone was framed on “why I am not a Calvinist.”  Fair enough, I suppose, and I have my … Continue reading

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Something happened the ring did not expect (Putin)

I wrote this article five or six years ago, but I will update it via prefatory remarks.  Had Putin not intervened in Syria, Assad would have fallen and ISIS/moderate rebels (and a moderate rebel is just a jihadi who hasn’t … Continue reading

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Atheism for Lent

Merold Westphal suggests that the three great “masters of suspicion,” Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud, are actually theologians of original sin, if seen correctly.  I share the same conclusion. I’m not as thrilled about “contemplative meditation” as this site is, … Continue reading

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A Heidegger study list

Heidegger is notoriously difficult, but once you decode him he is easy and there is a huge payoff.  The following is more or less what I did. I did some study notes on Heidegger that some might find helpful. a) … Continue reading

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Analysis of Trump, the early weeks

So what do I think on Trump?  Relative to the domestic front, outstanding.  But the problem is the foreign front. Granted, he is infinitely better than a McCain or Obama or Hillary, but I am not actually pleased. If Trump … Continue reading

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Ride the Tiger notes, part 1

Part 1: Orientations tradition: ruled by principles which transcend what is merely human.  Ordered from above. Evola’s approach is a negation of the bourgeois world (Evola 4).  The modern world itself is a negation of a negation.  What will be … Continue reading

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Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

Originally posted on Jay's Analysis:
By: Jay Dyer A year ago I had one friend telling me Donald Trump was going to be president (and I think Ann Coulter said this, too), and I laughed. Nothing could be more…

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What a joke

There is a thread on gnosticboard Puritanboard about Wilson’s non-repentance.  I just gave them the facts based on over a decade of interaction with the Wilsonistas/CREC.  I then started quoting police documents, eyewitness testimony, etc.  I said “hide ya womens” … Continue reading

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Truth and Method (Review)

This is one of those great moments where a great student follows his master (Heidegger) yet gives us a new product and not simply a repetition of his master. In short, for Gadamer language is the horizon of being. As … Continue reading

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Importing posts

I’m currently on a continental philosophy kick, so I will be importing posts from some of my other blogs.

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