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Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Reformed Scholasticism, Medievalism, Substance Metaphysics

Teleological suspension of a blog

My blogs are projects and explorations in expertise.  I start a blog to research as much on a subject as I can.  This blog dealt with Reformed Scholasticism, and I will keep the articles up. My other blog, negatingthevoid, dealt … Continue reading

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Review: Schaff, Church History, vol 5

This is his second volume on the Middle Ages. It is tempting to color the Middle Ages either as a period of gross or superstition or incredible beauty.  This answer is neither.  Or both. Much as we may be disgusted, … Continue reading

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Schaff on the Sacramental System

From History of the Christian Church, vol. 5: The Middle Ages 1049-1294.  These are my notes.  I am simply reporting what Schaff reported, though I think he is accurate. Not all sacred rites, or sacramentalia, are the Seven Sacraments (703).  All … Continue reading

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Mediatorial Kingdom: A Tip for subordinationists

Subordination:  talk of Christ’s subordination referred to his mediatorial kingdom, when he handed it over to the Father (115). Richard Muller, Post Reformation Reformed Dogmatics.  Triunity of God.

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Gillespie on bowing down

George Gillespie’s English Popish Ceremonies, originally published in 1637; Reprinted in 1844. (Edinburgh: Robert Ogle and Oliver& Boyd), pg. 102-105, “Sect. 17. The sixth and last argument whereby I prove the kneeling in question to be idolatry, is taken from the … Continue reading

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Our Covenant Heritage: The Covenanters struggle for unity

Moore, Edwin Nisbet.  Mentor Publishing. 2000. Nisbet Moore sets the stage with a brief of review of the First and Second Reformations in Scotland. Moore flies through the events of the English Civil War and the accession of the pervert … Continue reading

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John Owen and English Spirituality (Gribben)

by Crawford Gribben. Crawford Gribben suggests, perhaps ironically, that John Owen’s life is shaped around a series of “defeats.” The major moments and triumphs of Owen’s life appear to have been frustrated: the godly republic, the vision of a godly … Continue reading

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Still here

I got bogged down in reading.  Books I was supposed to finish got put on hold since the Library ILL system came with my other requests, which is good, I suppose.

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Herman Witsius on King William III and the Battle of the Boyne

Originally posted on Reformed Covenanter:
The Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Witsius gave the following praise to King William III for his role at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690: Surely I shall never forget that day on which the…

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Review of Zwingli and Bullinger

Bromiley, G. W. ed.  Zwingli and Bullinger. Zwingli is kind of like the definition of a classic. You think you know what he teaches, but you haven’t read him. He is remarkably clear (though not always profound). He excels at … Continue reading

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