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Atonement and Election, some theses

With utmost fear and trembling, Models of Atonement and Election (A/E) that posit some sort of epistemological gap between election and assurance can only lead to spiritual death.  In other words, can I really know I am elect? Simply saying … Continue reading

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An update on alt-right (and why I’m not)

This comes around every now and then.  When Alt Right came on the scene in 2016 (It was actually there in 2010), it was interesting because it was funny to watch CNN get triggered by Pepe memes. And I read … Continue reading

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Joseph P. Farrell: An Annotated Bibliography

I had been meaning to do this for a while, but recently several things dovetailed. I started reading and listening to Farrell back in 2009.  I’ve read about half of his stuff (he publishes a book every six months).  I’ve … Continue reading

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Autobiographical Reflections on Tolkien

I first read Lord of the Rings in high school.  I think it was in 11th grade. The scene with the Barrow-wights was especially well-done. It had a certain poignancy to it.I remember reading of Gandalf’s fall in Moria and … Continue reading

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An old Covenant of Works precis

This is from my covenant theology class at RTS.  Sure, I was confused, but that’s also because no one on either side really knew what was going on. Jacob Aitken Covenant Theology Professor Ligon Duncan 2 March 2006 Covenant of … Continue reading

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Uneasy tension of choosing and eschatology

A brief history: In college and seminary I was a postmillennial reconstructionist.  To put it delicately today, I am not. When I left seminary I understood the reasons behind Historic Premillennialism.  Exegetically, I still think it is the strongest case.  … Continue reading

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Is the Holy Spirit a product?

I don’t want to get into Filioquist metaphysics.  Confessionally, I am a Protestant and that means I am in the Filioque tradition.  So let’s get this out of the way up front:  do I hold to the Filioque?  I think … Continue reading

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End of a year, shoring up conclusions

My theology doesn’t “change” much anymore, although I do explore different emphases and distinctives.  I consider myself in the Reformation tradition, even if I don’t “truck” with current TR distinctives.  The following is a list of what I found that … Continue reading

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Safe Sects: Healing

North on Charismatics, Calvinism, and Healing.  Summarizes my own journey.  Let’s put aside all of the “in your face” stuff like prophecy and tongues. I understand the case against continuationism. I really do. (I admit. I don’t understand any case … Continue reading

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So that was fun

A friend of mine shared my previous blog post on several facebook groups.  Most thought it was entertaining, but it did irritate several groups of people–the very groups in that blog post. A few of my old seminary friends saw … Continue reading

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