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Mises on the Industrial Revolution

From Human Action.  This is Mises’s analysis. pp. 614-615. Such are the ideas permeating most of the historical studies dealing with the evolution of modern industrialism. The authors begin by sketching an idyllic image of conditions as they prevailed on the eve of … Continue reading


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Review: Hoppe, A Short History of Man

This is a “For Dummies” version of his groundbreaking *Democracy: The God that Failed.* While it has some serious limitations, it’s last chapter, on Aristocracy and Democracy, is brilliant. And even in the earlier sections of the book there are … Continue reading

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Review: Mises, Human Action

Von Mises, Ludwig.  Human Action.  Scholar’s Edition. All deductive systems are dangerous if formulated incorrectly. Their appeal lies in their power, and Mises’s system is powerful indeed. Mises advances Praxeology, an economidoctrine emerging from the Classical School when it was realized that … Continue reading

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Solving Crimes in a Libertarian Utopia

Someone shared this on my Facebook wall. I was shooting heroin and reading “The Fountainhead” in the front seat of my privately owned police cruiser when a call came in. I put a quarter in the radio to activate it. … Continue reading

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Review: Karl Marx, Early Writings

It’s rare that you get to see evidence of demonization in a writer, but you can see that with Marx. Accordingly, some essays are hard to read. That might not be entirely fair, though. Marx is dealing with Hegel–no easy … Continue reading

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Review: Thomas Woods, Meltdown

I normally don’t read “crisis books,” especially when it involves the federal govt screwing up. However, knowing Woods to be a masterful scholar, and having a friend loan this book to me, I decided to read it. All in all, … Continue reading

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Hoppe quotes on Democracy, the failed god

This is from “Journey into a Libertarian Future.”  They meant it as a slam against the Hoppean anarcho-capitalist project.  I don’t think they fully understood his arguments on time-preference.  Still, I thought it was funny and I am posting the … Continue reading

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Wealth and Poverty: Four Christian Views

Ed. by Robert Clouse (IVP) I understand why IVP pulled this book after a year of successful selling.  North publicly destroyed everyone in it.  That wouldn’t work with IVP’s “proto-SJW turn.” Gary North offers the free-market view.  William Diehl offers … Continue reading

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Review: Marx’s Religion of Revolution

By Gary North North explores a different angle of Marx’s thought:  Marx was more heavily influenced by the earlier pagan, chaos religions than previously recognized.  This is a legitimate approach.  We all have axioms that we take for granted and … Continue reading

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Rand vs Rothbard

Murray Rothbard’s system might seem similar to Ayn Rand’s.   There is one big difference.  Murray’s doesn’t have demons.

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