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Review: Powers of Darkness (Clinton Arnold)

Arnold, Clinton. Powers of Darkness: Principalities and Powers in Paul’s Letters. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsityPress, 1992. In many ways this is a shortened version of his dissertation. But it can also function as a supernaturalist, evangelical response to the then (and … Continue reading

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Review of Walter Wink on the Powers

Wink seeks to recapture the integrity of speaking about “spiritual powers” in a materialistic world.  If that is all his thesis is, he is more or less successful, albeit with some major problems. The reviewer faces a problem of a … Continue reading

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Review: Roswell and the Reich

Farrell, Joseph.  Roswell and the Reich.  Adventures Unlimited. Establishing the Problem The Roswell investigation functions as a dialectic.  Either the event is so extraordinary that it could only be from outer space, or it is so terrestrial, and hence ordinary, and … Continue reading

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The Day the earth stands still (Gilbert and Peck)

More people believe in UFOs than in God.  Rather, more people believe in UFOs than in the traditional understanding of God. That is why there is an urgent need for Christians to give thoughtful, kind, yet firm responses to the … Continue reading

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Summary of argument (80).  Because only a small percentage of UFOs are extraordinary, the rest are intentional hoaxes or natural phenomena.   The language of UFO discourse is obtus, perhaps deliberately so. To clarify, the authors are not arguing that extra-terrestrials … Continue reading

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Review: LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy

Farrell argues there was a “coalescence of interests” in Kennedy’s murder.  There was no single group. This means that other Kennedy researchers are probably right but do not have the whole picture.  Kennedy analysis breaks down along the following lines: … Continue reading

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The Ritual Assassination (Kennedy Files, 3)

Chapter 5: The Alchemy of Assassination: Ritual Magic and Masonic Symbolism Key argument: The goal of alchemy is to create, “via a magical operation, a transformation of consciousness in a group of individuals” (191). Farrell draws heavily upon Michael Hoffman’s … Continue reading

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Review: Babylon’s Banksters (Farrell)

While the specific details often border into the esoteric realm, Farrell’s broader conclusions are sound. Further, Farrell has done the painstaking work of detailing the connections between money, religion, and power. Indeed, the old adage “Follow the Money” rings true … Continue reading

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Joseph P. Farrell: An Annotated Bibliography

I had been meaning to do this for a while, but recently several things dovetailed. I started reading and listening to Farrell back in 2009.  I’ve read about half of his stuff (he publishes a book every six months).  I’ve … Continue reading

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Maximus against Pagan Dualisms

The base of the article is here. Dualism is ultimately relative since both good and evil need each other in order to be defined.  (This is why Maximus says God doesn’t have an opposite). Dr. Joseph Farrell explains how, … Continue reading

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