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What a joke

There is a thread on gnosticboard Puritanboard about Wilson’s non-repentance.  I just gave them the facts based on over a decade of interaction with the Wilsonistas/CREC.  I then started quoting police documents, eyewitness testimony, etc.  I said “hide ya womens” … Continue reading

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Review of Ames’ Marrow

Ames, himself an English Puritan living in the Netherlands, gives us a manual that will become the dominant intellectual book in New England for several centuries (I hope at this moment we can bury the nonsense that Reformed theology is … Continue reading

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Review of Beeke Reformed Literature

It is exactly what it purports to be: an anthology of the best post-Reformation works on the various loci of theology. Each chapter is about 2 1/2 pages and has Beeke’s running commentary on the best (and sometimes those to … Continue reading

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Outline Owen Mortification of Sin Foundation of the Discourse The relationship between justification and mortification is cause and effect (Owen 6). Our duty: The choicest believers, who are assuredly freed from the condemning power of sin, ought yet to make it their business all … Continue reading

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Bibliography on English Civil War

I’ve been asked my thoughts on books relating to British revolution.  I am a little more knowledgeable about the time period 1630-1662, with some moments during the Killing times. Fraser, Antonia.  Cromwell.  Not a scholarly biography, but a wealth of … Continue reading

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John Owen on the latter-day glory

Taken from Iain Murray’s The Puritan Hope, p. 38. that God in his appointed time will bring forth the kingdom of the Lord Christ unto more glory and power than in former days, I presume you are persuaded. Whatever will be … Continue reading

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Outline of Beeke’s Puritan Spirituality

This isn’t an outline of the whole book, but of what I found most helpful. The book is vintage Beeke. While not a collection of independent essays, most of them can be read independently, although the essays on the Erskines … Continue reading

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Speak ye not of Calvin

I’ve read through the Institutes 3 times.  It’s good, I guess.  I just don’t really resonate towards Calvin.  And until 1800, that was more or less the impression in the Reformed world.  So why are people so concerned to tag … Continue reading

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Sex, Puritans, and Ontology

Modified from an older post. One of the sad ironies of history is that the Puritans are painted as kill-joys, when in fact, among other things, they rejoiced in the idea of sexual pleasure in marriage.  I suppose other Christian … Continue reading

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Thomas Watson on the 7th Commandment

Watson’s treatment of it, like anything else he writes about, is stirring, convicting, and breath-taking.  I plan to outline the chapter (Watson, The Ten Commandments.  Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, reprint 1986, pp. 152-163). The thing implied is that … Continue reading

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