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On why I never became Arminian…

Just browsing through some google searches on audio lectures by certain syngergist philosophers and the search results brought up several Arminian pages.  Everyone was framed on “why I am not a Calvinist.”  Fair enough, I suppose, and I have my … Continue reading

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Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

Originally posted on Jay's Analysis:
By: Jay Dyer A year ago I had one friend telling me Donald Trump was going to be president (and I think Ann Coulter said this, too), and I laughed. Nothing could be more…

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Importing posts

I’m currently on a continental philosophy kick, so I will be importing posts from some of my other blogs.

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Updated exhaustion

This is a stream of consciousness post, sort of.  I do have several projects on continental philosophy I would like to do.  Work is too stressful and I fear my health came close to breaking several times this year (all … Continue reading

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Outline of Beeke’s Puritan Spirituality

This isn’t an outline of the whole book, but of what I found most helpful. The book is vintage Beeke. While not a collection of independent essays, most of them can be read independently, although the essays on the Erskines … Continue reading

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Books borrowed, and to be read

I would like to finish these before Christ-mass. Turretin, Francis.  Institutes vol 3. Charnock, Stephen.  Existence and Attributes of God a Brakel, Wilhemus.  Christians Reasonable Service vol 1. Cunningham, William.  Historical Theology vol 2.

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Notes on Shedd, part 1

From Shedd’s Dogmatic Theology. Prolegomena “If  all that can be said by the theologian respecting God is that he is not this or that, then the mind has in fact no object before it and no cognition whatever…The deity becomes the … Continue reading

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On Thomas Harrison (humor)

He had little education except knowledge of the apocalyptic parts of the Bible. His mind worked on no known principles of logic. He glanced at facts only to reject them. He was a dreamer whose business it was to shape … Continue reading

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Thither, Cocceius

My last blog was Patristic Evangelism.  It had a good shelf life and I was loathe to stop it.  But my focus moved on.  I do think it helped the Reformed and Evangelical community.  When the subordination silliness came out, … Continue reading

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First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post. Continue reading

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