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Harassing the Hobgoblins: Intro to Analytic Theology

I am not an expert in analytic theology, and I have been critical of analytic philosophy in the past.  Nonetheless, it can be useful in clarifying concepts.  One problem is that people jump into the deeper waters, reading countless computer … Continue reading

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On not being a Barthian

I get asked this every now and then.  I’m not a Barthian.  The most notable problem is his view of Scripture (at least that’s what alarms evangelicals the most).  Thomas McCall gives a fine presentation and critique of Barth’s view … Continue reading


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Embracing analytic theology

I’ve found much to commend the analytic theological tradition.  It isn’t quite as arcane as analytic philosophy.  It doesn’t rely on computer symbols nearly as much.  I don’t think this negates the important stuff Heidegger had to say, but for … Continue reading

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