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Review: Jonathan Edwards among the Theologians (Crisp)

Crisp, Oliver. Jonathan Edwards Among the Theologians. Grand Rapids, MI: 2015. Oliver Crisp paradoxically expands and summarizes key elements of his previous research. By contrasting Edwards with several Reformed thinkers, Crisp highlights some of Edwards’ unique (and sometimes bizarre) views. … Continue reading


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Notes on Muller’s PRRD vol 4

Roscellin: confirmed anti-realist.  This view led him to declare that every existent thing is a unique individual: so-called universals are “mere words.” (Muller 26).   The problem with Boethuis’s definition of person:   The definition ultimately poses all manner of problems … Continue reading

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Review: What Sort of Human Nature?

Medieval analytic philosophy gets to the heart of the problem:  If Christ has two natures, one of which he assumed as a human nature, and if he is consubstantial with us in our humanity, yet our nature is sinful, how … Continue reading

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Review Thomas V Morris Idea of God

This is a toned-down version of his Logic of God Incarnate and in many ways it is just as powerful and more accessible..  With the exception of his take on foreknowledge and eternity, I whole-heartedly recommend this book. Furthermore, this book is … Continue reading

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Frame: Medieval Philosophy

Frame draws heavily from Leithart’s essay on medieval philosophy.  It is a standard treatment in many ways, starting with Boethius and ending with the nominalists. Boethius Since we are temporal, this means we lose some of our being as time … Continue reading

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