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The Rapture Question Answered (van Kampen)

Van Kampen, Robert.  The Rapture Question Answered. Although this is not a scholarly book, it is very well-written.  Even for those not of a premillennial persuasion, I encourage everyone to read it.  Van Kampen outlines a number of problems with pretribulationism, … Continue reading


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Notes on Liberal Democracy

While noting that Donald Trump is most likely a horrible person, one of the good things emerging from this political season (and to a much lesser degree from the Bernie Sanders campaign) is the fact that the “party system” in … Continue reading

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Apologia pro (some) Islams

My recent review might strike one that I am “anti-Muslims.”  I understand that conclusion, but as usually the case with the Truth, it’s far more complex.  Here is how I look at the Islamic world: (1) Islamic banking is infinitely … Continue reading

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Summary of Reformed Eschatology

Summarized from Richard Muller’s Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms. I suppose as good a starting point as any would be the dius novissimus, the last day, theadventus Christi.  Here the Reformed Scholastics (excepting men like William Twisse) would … Continue reading

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Some quotes on the NWO

There is a thread on PB on the New World Order and Conspiracies.  Surprisingly, many are coming to conclusions I held ten years ago.  A few of the bourgeois scoff at it, but you can tell they really don’t have … Continue reading

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