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O’Donovans: From Irenaeus to Grotius

O’Donovans, Oliver and Joan Lockwood.  From Irenaeus to Grotius. Eerdmans. This sourcebook is divided into five parts: The Patristic Age, Late Antiquity and Germanic Kingship, The Integration of Aristotle, Spiritual Polities and Dominum, and Renaissance and reformation. At the risk of … Continue reading

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Notes on Nichomachean Ethics, Books 1 and 2

Book I The good is that at which all things aim.  The supreme good is eudaimion (unhappily–sorry for the pun–translated as “happiness”).  Happiness is living well and doing well (1095a). But where is happiness located? Not in the Forms, contra … Continue reading

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Edmund Spenser Reviews, Faerie Queene

Edmund Spenser structured his allegory around the Aristotelian virtues. Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves This is a modernized version of Book 1 of the Faerie Queene. Roy Maynard ought to be commended for aiding us in reading Spenser. Personally, I … Continue reading

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A catalogue of justice

What does justice mean?  Answering this question is necessary before you start claiming you want “justice in the public sphere.”  I am looking through Oliver and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan’s From Irenaeus to Grotius on how earlier Christian thinkers reflected on justice. … Continue reading

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Notes: Aristotle, Metaphysics

I’ll admit.  This wasn’t my favorite.  It’s not that I didn’t understand it, it’s just that its importance never “clicked” for me.  But that’s more about me than the book. “The science of substance must be of the nature of … Continue reading

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Review: Social Justice and the Christian Church (Nash)

This book isn’t quite the violent beat-down of the Sojourners guys that David Chilton’s was, but it’s close. It was a pointed response back then; it is a desperate cry today. As church groups are falling, or about to fall, … Continue reading

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Review: Gordon Clark, A Christian View of Men and Things

This book isn’t perfect but it does exhibit all of Dr Clark’s strengths as a communicator  My main problem with the book is the chapter lengths: they are excessively long. This isn’t too much of a problem, except Clark will … Continue reading

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Outline of Maximus’ Cosmology

Chapter 3: The Logos, logoi, and created beings Key to Maximus’s cosmology is the mystery of Christ (64). The logoi are all contained in the divine wisdom, not just his thoughts but his acts of will. Logoi are ideas through … Continue reading

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Review of Aristotle’s Categories

Categories is the intro text to Aristotle’s Metaphysics, or so some essay from Plato.Stanford.Edu said.  Good enough for me.  It is short and clear.   Some things are predicable of a subject but never in a subject.  By “being present … Continue reading

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Dooyeweerd on Aristotle

This is from the first 28 pages of New Critique of Theoretical Thought vol 3. I never finished the book because he spent the latter part of it talking about the law-structures of different plants.  I couldn’t see how this was meaningful. … Continue reading

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