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Horton: People and Place–A Covenant Ecclesiology

Horton finishes his unique project by examining the role that “covenant” plays in ecclesial discussions, yet the book is not simply another exercise in “how covenant theology proves infant baptism.” It is much more nuanced and detailed. Horton has demonstrated … Continue reading


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Ursinus on Baptism

Mark Horne typed all these out, so credit goes to him. In the horrors of the FV controversy, these were seen as a rebuttal from the FV side.  But do they really attack Reformed Orthodoxy?  Not at all.  However, they … Continue reading

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Barth on the Sacraments

Barth, Karl.  Church Dogmatics IV/4.4 This is Karl Barth’s treatment of the ordinance of baptism.  Like other volumes in this series, it shares both Barth’s strengths and weaknesses.  It should be noted that this only a fragment of what appeared … Continue reading

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Augustine: Baptism and Forgiveness

These are some notes from Augustine’s treatise Baptism and the Forgiveness of Sins.  Once you get passed the grim assertions that unbaptized babies aren’t saved (which guaranteed that the Catholic church would come up with theories of Limbo), there are some … Continue reading

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Patristic Age and Politics

From the O’Donovans’ From Irenaeus to Grotius. These are summary points of the introductions to each section. Outline on Irenaeus to Grotius Baptismal rules treated military as a problematic profession. There were Christians in the armed forces. The difficulty explained The … Continue reading

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