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Review: Babylon’s Banksters (Farrell)

While the specific details often border into the esoteric realm, Farrell’s broader conclusions are sound. Further, Farrell has done the painstaking work of detailing the connections between money, religion, and power. Indeed, the old adage “Follow the Money” rings true … Continue reading


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Review: Byzantium and the Rise of Russia

Many people think of the Byzantines as late decadents, lesser sons of great lords. And even at their greatest, so the argument goes, their glory was marred by caesaropapism. Meyendorff helps correct that misunderstnding.  To understand the fading role of … Continue reading

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Unleash the theopoets

Flow and Highlights I will capture the flow of Gregory’s life along with crucial highlights. McGuckin’s thesis suggests something along the lines that Gregory “midwifed” a new Christian vision into the old imperium. Gregory’s Post-Hellenic Vision Gregory opted for something … Continue reading

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Midwifing a Byzantium

Harnack had it backwards.  Did the early church “Hellenize” and thus negate Gospel purity?  The question defies any easy answer.  We will look at a few. (1) Harnack held that the early church imported Greek concepts into the sweet biblical … Continue reading

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