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Grudem on Economics

From Politics According to the Bible. Thesis: The Bible defends a system where property belongs to the people (262).  This is implied in 8th commandment. “On reason why communism is so incredibly dehumanizing is that when private property is abolished, govt … Continue reading


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Mises on the Industrial Revolution

From Human Action.  This is Mises’s analysis. pp. 614-615. Such are the ideas permeating most of the historical studies dealing with the evolution of modern industrialism. The authors begin by sketching an idyllic image of conditions as they prevailed on the eve of … Continue reading

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Post-Brexit 2.0

I initially looked at Brexit with glee.  Anything that makes leftists cry is always a good thing.  But this glee was always tempered with suspicion–so voting is now an honest thing and isn’t manipulated? So even though Brexit appeared to … Continue reading

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Eros and Civilization (Marcuse)

Marcuse reworks Freud’s categories from the individual to society. To paraphrase Henry van Til, Marcuse is Freud externalized. There is a dialectic between the Eros principle and the Thanatos principle. In order for civilization to thrive, it has to suppress … Continue reading

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