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John Wyclif and Communication

  Starting 9:23.  O’Donovan’s notes: Lordship/Dominion.  Does not depend on property. Absolute property is possession of something without an attendant obligation. God’s own lordship was not owned by God’s keeping himself to himself.  God “lends” himself.  He can’t “give away,” … Continue reading


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Review: John Owen, Communion with God

My copy of Owen was from his Works, volume 2.  Nonetheless, this review will also serve for the shorter Puritan Paperbacks edition.  following the review is an outline on the book. Owen gives us a dense, thorough, yet manageable snapshot, … Continue reading

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Notes on Wyclif from O’Donovan.

A running series of notes I’ve made on John Wyclif over the past decade, with help from Oliver O’Donovan. From his talk “The Human Person, Economics, and Catholic Social Thought” On the term “communication.” His view of lordship does not … Continue reading

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