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Review: The Gulag Archipelago

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr. The Gulag Archipelago: A Literary Investigation I-II. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1974 [1973]. Few books are written with raw, electric energy. Solzhenitsyn’s work can only be labeled as a testimony to the 20th century and its … Continue reading


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History of the Orthodox Church in Russia

Pospielovsky, D.  St Vladimir’s Seminary Press. Mostly excellent account of the Church’s life in Russian history. It is somewhat marred by dated accounts of Constantine (as a nominalist tyrant) and a tendency to see fascists behind every monarchist. He begins … Continue reading

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De Regno Christ (Review, Bucer)

Bucer, Martin. This selection of Bucer’s *De Regno Christi* is useful, if incomplete. It omits most of his exposition of the 7th Commandment. I understand why, for space reasons. The drawback is that the reader is not engaged with Bucer’s … Continue reading

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