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Scottish Theology (Thomas Torrance)

John Knox The Death of Christ God does not love us because of what Christ has done, but rather because he loves us he came in Christ (Torrance 19). Torrance says limited atonement implies a Nestorian heresy.  Perhaps, but he … Continue reading

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Study notes on Caspar Olevian and Substance

I will write a formal review later.  R. Scott Clark has several fascinating sections reconstructing German Calvinism in the 16th century, along with rebutting the Heppe-thesis and such.  The review will cover those parts. This book is so useful on … Continue reading


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The Economy of the Covenants (Witsius)

This is the classic statement of Covenant Theology at the end of the 17th Century.  Witsius steers an irenic course between Voetsius and Cocceius. The first volume deals with Covenant Theology proper while the second volume analyzes the various types … Continue reading

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Substance of the Covenant of Grace

HT to R. Scott Clark.  I plan to get this volume when I accrue (merit?) enough Amazon points. 2. Under the new covenant or testament, however, these promised blessings are not given to all men, because God is true, thus … Continue reading

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Witsius, Notes: Vol 1

This is mainly Books 1-3 of The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man (Reformation Heritage reprint) Book 1 Chapter 1: Covenants in General Generally, covenants signify a mutual agreement between parties, with respect to something (43).  A covenant of … Continue reading

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Review: Puritan Theology (Beeke and Jones)

Beeke, Joel.  and Jones, Mark.  Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life.  Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books. This is one of those “game-changer” books.  Beeke provides decades of pastoral reflection from the Puritans (and admittedly, there is a lot of repetition) … Continue reading

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Rutherford and Covenant, some notes

From the following passages in Rutherford, we can note: The eternal covenant is the Covenant of Redemption (CoR) made between Father and Son. It is different from the Covenant of Grace (CoG) because the promises in the two covenants are … Continue reading

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