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Edwards and the metaphysics of Sin, God, and Creation

This is a review of two of Oliver Crisp’s works on Jonathan Edwards.  They are quite technical but open the door for more reflection on Edwards.  In other words, almost everything you have heard from the Young, Restless, and Reformed … Continue reading

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The Lost World of Genesis 1 (John Walton)

Like the other “Lost World” books, this is written in proposition format, which makes the arguments easy to follow.  Walton is very clear, even on points where I disagree. There are some flaws in this work, but it is a … Continue reading

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Abraham Kuyper: A Personal Introduction (review)

As far as introductions to neo-Calvinism go, this is the most lucid. Prof Mouw goes beyond the standard “take every square inch” models of Neo-Calvinism and asks us to reflect on what it means to be created for many-ness. His … Continue reading

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God’s relation to the world

I like this chart because it avoids the tendency to reduce the God/world relationship to spatial terms. And it avoids the silly claim that God is “up there.”  Rather, creation manifests God.  

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Outline of Resurrection Moral Order

Labour of love a long time in the making. O’Donovan, Oliver.  Resurrection and Moral Order: An Outline for Evangelical Ethics.  Eerdmans, [reprint 1994].                                                                                                                                   Prologue Easter Principle In Christ’s resurrection creation is restored and fulfilment promised; ethics had a foundation (xv). … Continue reading


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