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Review: John Owen and English Puritanism

by Crawford Gribben. Oxford. Crawford Gribben suggests, perhaps ironically, that John Owen’s life is shaped around a series of “defeats.” Although this text is part of Oxford’s series on historical theology, is weighted more towards biography than to theology, though … Continue reading

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Politics as Athanasian Pluralism

Gary North might have just solved my dilemma on Cromwell and the Covenanters.  As a Presbyterian I want to like the Covenanters, but given how they universally failed every political and military test, and how a national church is unworkable, … Continue reading

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Bibliography on English Civil War

I’ve been asked my thoughts on books relating to British revolution.  I am a little more knowledgeable about the time period 1630-1662, with some moments during the Killing times. Fraser, Antonia.  Cromwell.  Not a scholarly biography, but a wealth of … Continue reading

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My Infamous Covenanter Post

Somebody at Real Life Prebyterians posted this from my old blog, which got some guys mad at Covenanter Theonomists group.  So if I am going to get all that traffic, might as well get it here. Thursday, February 5, 2015 … Continue reading

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