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The Day the earth stands still (Gilbert and Peck)

More people believe in UFOs than in God.  Rather, more people believe in UFOs than in the traditional understanding of God. That is why there is an urgent need for Christians to give thoughtful, kind, yet firm responses to the … Continue reading

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Joseph P. Farrell: An Annotated Bibliography

I had been meaning to do this for a while, but recently several things dovetailed. I started reading and listening to Farrell back in 2009.  I’ve read about half of his stuff (he publishes a book every six months).  I’ve … Continue reading

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Developing an Enochian Worldview

Some of these are inspired by Dr Michael Heiser’s writings, though much of it came from my own working through both the Scriptures and tradition.  Our problem is that we are all students of Dante, whether we admit it or … Continue reading

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Review: The Great Inception (Satan’s Psyops)

This book surprised me.  I wondered how sophisticated it would be.  It impressed.  I do feel like some arguments could have been expanded, but overall Gilbert made a reasonably strong case, one that I find convincing.  Please check out his website … Continue reading


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