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Zechariah 14 is future event

Klein, George.  Zechariah (NAC). Klein argues persuasively that the events in chapter 14 must be future. (1) Numerous statements in chapter 14 have no equivalent in history (398). “God will gather all nations against Jerusalem” (v2) It will be a unique … Continue reading

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Rabbis in the sky? Oy vey!

The alternative to the Divine Council reading of Psalm 82 is that the beney elohim are not spirit-beings (angels, to use a very inaccurate term), but Jewish elders.   If you hold this view, then the following entail: These Jewish dudes are in … Continue reading

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Guardian Underworld Spirits in the OT

Background reading: http://www.moreunseenrealm.com/?page_id=10 This is part of the “Deuteronomy 32 Worldview.”  Most translations translate verse 17 along the lines of the ESV. “They sacrificed to demons that were no gods, to gods they had never known, to new gods that … Continue reading

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Psalm 82: Did God have a UN Meeting?

One of the ways to get around the Divine Council worldview is to suggest that Psalm 82 refers to human rulers, not elohim (however you want to gloss that, angels, gods, etc.).  Several problems: This is a Council meeting (verse 1).  … Continue reading

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That Hideous Strength, by CS Lewis

  Easily Lewis’s best work. This should be on the front shelves at everyChristian book store. Lewis frighteningly predicted the rise of the scientific, planning state. For those who laugh at “conspiracies” of the New World Order, read this book and … Continue reading

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Opening notes on Heiser’s Unseen Realm

This study outline is kind of like a middle east targum.  It is combination paraphrase/outline. For a general idea of this type of thinking, see the following Satan’s Psy Ops. God’s Entourage Job 38.4-7 identifies the heavenly host, the morning … Continue reading

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