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Review: Augustine on the Trinity

Long review.  I’ll put my cards on the table. I am not a huge fan of Augustine.  I’ll try to not let that color the review too much. I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted a review.  Ligonier had a list … Continue reading

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Review: Jonathan Edwards among the Theologians (Crisp)

Crisp, Oliver. Jonathan Edwards Among the Theologians. Grand Rapids, MI: 2015. Oliver Crisp paradoxically expands and summarizes key elements of his previous research. By contrasting Edwards with several Reformed thinkers, Crisp highlights some of Edwards’ unique (and sometimes bizarre) views. … Continue reading


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Edwards and the metaphysics of Sin, God, and Creation

This is a review of two of Oliver Crisp’s works on Jonathan Edwards.  They are quite technical but open the door for more reflection on Edwards.  In other words, almost everything you have heard from the Young, Restless, and Reformed … Continue reading

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Karl Barth: Church Dogmatics II/1 (Doctrine of God), review

Barth’s volume is largely divided into two parts:  Our knowledge of God’s Revelation and God Himself. Per the latter, he famously rephrases the attributes of God as God’s perfections (more on that later).  This review will give a (very short) … Continue reading

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Outline Turretin, Topic 3 (Doctrine God)

Part 1 Here. First Question: The Existence of God (Turretin goes through the standard pre-modern reasoning). Third Question: The Unity of God Turretin clarifies the question by saying God is one in the sense that there is nothing else like … Continue reading

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Review: For Faith and Clarity

Beilby, James. ed. For Faith and Clarity: Philosophical Contributions to Christian Theology. This book is not an intro to apologetics. It’s not even an intermediate text. It’s more like a supplement to some theological issues in apologetics. On the whole it … Continue reading

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Plantinga’s Theses (Does God Have a Nature?)

Theses the analytical theses in his monograph.  It should make following along easier. It should be obvious that these 71 theses are not “71 propositions about God.”  Some are trivial and others are clearly false.  But throughout Plantinga’s narrative he … Continue reading

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Beyond Classical or Personal Theism

Notes on the Frame/Dolezal discussion: Frame rightly reacted to Dolezal’s Thomism, but more so the fact that Thomas’s view of God is like a solar disc whose rays never actually reach creation.  Sure, Thomas can say things like God’s knowledge … Continue reading

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A gloss of simplicity

I’ve been in conversation with Jay Dyer and watching his debate with Erick Ybarra over the past few weeks on the Roman view of divine simplicity.  Jay finally put his conclusions in one spot.  This is why even when I … Continue reading

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Athanasius, Orations Against the Arians

This work is a step up from Athanasius’s smaller treaty on the Incarnation.  Here we begin to see a fully worked-out theological ontology.  This review, however, will not deal with the controversies concerning Proverbs 8 in the Nicene world.  That … Continue reading

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