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Breaking: Gleason Archer Refutes JEDP!

It isn’t really breaking news, as he wrote in the 70s, but I couldn’t pass up such a good title.  Gleason Archer has written the most definitive short refutation of the Documentary Hypothesis. Some of these are Archer’s summarizing even … Continue reading


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The Divine Stapler

I believe in inspiration.  I believe the original mss are inerrant.  But we have to be careful how we gloss inspiration, not only because it is open to rebuttals, but also because there are instances of when the inspired writers … Continue reading

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Hoax of Higher Criticism

This isn’t a detailed analysis and refutation of higher criticism (though such are listed in the bibliography). Rather, it is an examination of the presuppositions behind the higher critics’ methods. Their goal is simple: to show that God is divided. … Continue reading

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