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John Wyclif: Myth and Reality

This biography of Wyclif had little to do with Wyclif himself.  It was mainly GR Evans’ parable about English university life and how she was shafted by her superiors  She doesn’t actually say that, but if you are aware of … Continue reading

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Notes on Wyclif from O’Donovan.

A running series of notes I’ve made on John Wyclif over the past decade, with help from Oliver O’Donovan. From his talk “The Human Person, Economics, and Catholic Social Thought” On the term “communication.” His view of lordship does not … Continue reading


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Orthodox Eschatology and the Problem of Putin

In a fascinating article by Vladimir Moss, we have a capable discussion of the Orthodox political theorist Alexander Dugin, particularly his relation to Vladimir Putin. Moss’s article is important because it is written by a conservative Orthodox scholar who hates … Continue reading

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