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Putin, and Wilson’s wanna-be postmillennialism

This anti-Wilson post doesn’t have anything to do with the sex scandals.  Still, he accurately sees where the historical winds are blowing, and he rightly sees that they aren’t in his direction.  We shall establish his thesis and then see if … Continue reading


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Mafia Show Trials

I didn’t put a lot of thought into this rebuttal.  I didn’t need to.  To quote Gary North, this is a “quickie.” Wilson realizes the heat he is taking with having Randy Booth (CREC, Covenant Media Foundation) run the investigation. … Continue reading

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Does Wilson understand civil law?

He writes in response to Rod Dreher, At issue was whether he was going to be charged as pedophile, and placed in the same category as one who was molesting little children. But we believed his crime was not in … Continue reading

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Up Against the Neo-Jovinians

Jovinian was an intellectual in the ancient Christian world who scandalized everyone by suggesting marital relations and celibate virginity were on the same level.  Jerome responded.  And what a powerful, if hilariously wrong, response it was.   Now, I believe … Continue reading

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He’s not even trying anymore

It’s like I don’t even have to try. He writes, If the culprit is known by us to be guilty, Except, the two culprits were convicted in a civil trial and imprisoned, so it really isn’t a matter of my … Continue reading

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