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R. Scott Clark: Recovering the Reformed Confession

Clark, R. Scott.  Recovering the Reformed Confession. Dr Clark’s book can be focused around three themes: 1) a distinctively Reformed piety flows from a Reformed theology and this piety will be directly counter to the 2) Quest for Illegitimate Religious Certainty … Continue reading


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Outline of Turretin, Topics 1 and 2

I read through Turretin a few years ago.  Now I have time to do a more thorough study. On Natural Theology It is partly innate (derived from conscience) and partly acquired (I.3). God (and divine things) is the object of … Continue reading

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Review of Preus Post-Reformation Lutheranism

Like Richard Muller in the Reformed tradition, Robert Preus shows how theological prolegomena orders the rest of one’s theology. While as a Reformed Christian I will disagree with both some of his conclusions and method, I appreciate the rigor and … Continue reading

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Confessions of a theological hitman

A certain CREC minister one time documented some of his theological changes, most of them for the better.  I’ve done so about myself a few times on here, but I decided to tie some strings together.  I encourage you to … Continue reading

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John Webster: Holy Scripture

Holy Scripture: to depict these texts in light of their divine self-communication (Webster 5). It is a “short-hand for the nature and function of these communicative acts.” Scripture has its place as an act of the God who speaks to … Continue reading

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