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Atonement and Election, some theses

With utmost fear and trembling, Models of Atonement and Election (A/E) that posit some sort of epistemological gap between election and assurance can only lead to spiritual death.  In other words, can I really know I am elect? Simply saying … Continue reading

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Saving Calvinism (Oliver Crisp)

Crisp, Oliver.  Saving Calvinism: Expanding the Reformed Tradition.  Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsityPress, 2016. The Reformed theological tradition is like inheriting a large, albeit old house.  It has many rooms and in these rooms are old treasures. The Young, Restless, and … Continue reading

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Review, Torrance, The Incarnation

Torrance, Thomas.  The Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ.  Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsityPress, 2008.  Ed. Robert T. Walker. These are collections of his lectures on Christology spanning his entire career.  As far as Torrance’s works go, this book is quite … Continue reading

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Notes on Muller’s PRRD vol 4

Roscellin: confirmed anti-realist.  This view led him to declare that every existent thing is a unique individual: so-called universals are “mere words.” (Muller 26).   The problem with Boethuis’s definition of person:   The definition ultimately poses all manner of problems … Continue reading

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Always Obedient (Schilder)

I want to thank the Rev. John Barach for spurring my interest in Schilder.  Barach’s lectures on covenant and election were a big help, also. History History, including the covenant, is a unity because it is a work of the … Continue reading

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Towards a thesis on election

Not my final views, but moving towards them. Bruce McCormack notes, The order of knowing runs in the opposite direction to the order of being.   This means before we “know” God we are operating with some abstract notion of … Continue reading

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Analytical Outline of Barth Bio

Realdialektik: a dialectic in real relations (McCormack 9). Part of this book’s thesis is the overturning of Hans urs von Balthalsar’s claim that Barth rejected liberalism in favor of “analogy.” McCormack argues that Barth’s use of the en/anhypostatic distinction played … Continue reading

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Karl Barth and American Evangelicalism

These are mostly fine essays illustrating to what degree Barth has been received by the American Evangelical community. George Harinck gives a fascinating essay on how Dutch and American Neo-Calvinism reacted to Barth. In doing so, he gives new light … Continue reading

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