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Review: He is there and he is not silent (Schaeffer)

Schaeffer, Francis.  He is There and He is Not Silent.  Tyndale.  1979 reprint. On page 1 Schaeffer defines metaphysics as “the existence of Being.”  That’s an ambiguous statement at best. Does he mean that there is an entity called Being which … Continue reading


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Review: The God Who Is There (Schaeffer)

I first read this book in 2002 and it was the primer that got me into apologetics and philosophy.  From Schaeffer I moved to James Sire; from Sire to Douglas Groothuis, and from Groothuis to Cornelius Van Til. The book … Continue reading

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Review: Jonathan Edwards, evangelist

The overall scope of the book is Edwards’ take on the ordo salutis, but Gerstner focuses on Edwards’ view of the unregenerate’s seeking salvation.   Throughout the text the reader recognizes quips from old John Gerstner sermons.  Indeed, one can hear … Continue reading

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On the Russian evangelism law

I find myself in an odd position.  I am in the reformational tradition (though I am not a 5 Point Calvinist) yet in the internet world I am known as a Russian supporter.  So what do I make of Russia’s … Continue reading

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Seeking not high things

The psalmist asks God not to let himself be lifted up with matters far above him. This is the problem of the amateur dilettante, of whom I was chief among sinners.  When I dallied forth into studying Orthodoxy almost a … Continue reading

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