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Hoax of Higher Criticism

This isn’t a detailed analysis and refutation of higher criticism (though such are listed in the bibliography). Rather, it is an examination of the presuppositions behind the higher critics’ methods. Their goal is simple: to show that God is divided. … Continue reading

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Review: Cornelius Van Til, an Analysis of his Thought

by John Frame. Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, 1995. This is my second time to read through this book.  The question obviously arises:  should you read this book or Bahnsen’s book on Van Til?  They are two different books dealing with two … Continue reading

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Politics as Athanasian Pluralism

Gary North might have just solved my dilemma on Cromwell and the Covenanters.  As a Presbyterian I want to like the Covenanters, but given how they universally failed every political and military test, and how a national church is unworkable, … Continue reading

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Safe Sects: Healing

North on Charismatics, Calvinism, and Healing.  Summarizes my own journey.  Let’s put aside all of the “in your face” stuff like prophecy and tongues. I understand the case against continuationism. I really do. (I admit. I don’t understand any case … Continue reading

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Gary North quotes

This is just for fun. I am not necessarily endorsing the finer points of what he is saying, but only pointing out how good a writer he really is. “When you criticize someone with followers, the followers recognize that, if … Continue reading

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Dominion Files, no. 1 (the break up of the recons)

I did theonomy files on my old blog and it did help some make headway of the movement. It was more focused on why I didn’t agree with theonomy, yet why most of the Reformed responses to it were incompetent. … Continue reading

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Wealth and Poverty: Four Christian Views

Ed. by Robert Clouse (IVP) I understand why IVP pulled this book after a year of successful selling.  North publicly destroyed everyone in it.  That wouldn’t work with IVP’s “proto-SJW turn.” Gary North offers the free-market view.  William Diehl offers … Continue reading

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Review: Unholy Spirits

Interesting historical review of 20th century occultism practiced by the secular establishment. I knew that the CIA and KGB conducted paranormal tests on their victims. North provides a bit more documentation than do others.  The running thesis is that occultism … Continue reading

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Review: Marx’s Religion of Revolution

By Gary North North explores a different angle of Marx’s thought:  Marx was more heavily influenced by the earlier pagan, chaos religions than previously recognized.  This is a legitimate approach.  We all have axioms that we take for granted and … Continue reading

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Gary North on Charismatics

I am sort of a quiet charismatic.  North has an interesting take on part of the history of the movement.  Early Charismatic antinomianism was wrong, as it inadvertently emphasized a power from below.  But what if later ones corrected that … Continue reading

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