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Review: Clash of Civilizations

(This is an older review) I should have picked up Huntingdon’s work earlier. It is awesome. He argues (or at least the structure of his thought necessarily suggests such) that the utopian vision of liberal democracy (whether right or left-wing) … Continue reading


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War of the World Island

In this work A. Dugin advances and develops the typology of Eternal Rome vs. Eternal Carthage–land empires against sea, mercantile empires. So his thesis: Russia cannot be interpreted apart from the Russian land (Dugin loc. 128). From this he deduces … Continue reading

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Something happened the ring did not expect (Putin)

I wrote this article five or six years ago, but I will update it via prefatory remarks.  Had Putin not intervened in Syria, Assad would have fallen and ISIS/moderate rebels (and a moderate rebel is just a jihadi who hasn’t … Continue reading

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European Plain: What’s at Stake for Hillary in 2017

By J. B. Aitken Hillary must start WWIII by 2017 if she wants to have any semblance of Atlanticist domination.  Even then, the price might be too high. Atlantis at the Threshold Atlanticism, following Dugin, is the geopolitical reality that … Continue reading

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A tale of different fascisms

Real quick, what does fascism mean?  You are probably thinking it means anybody to the right of me that I don’t like.  While such a definition will get you tenure at the university, it isn’t quite accurate. A better line … Continue reading

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Responding to STRATFOR on Russia

George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR intelligence, did a video interview with Business Insider on Russia’s perceived weakness in the modern world.  STRATFOR has been called everything from the CIA’s lay informants to “The Economist One Week Later.”  Here’s the deal: … Continue reading

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