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Frame: The Greeks

This is where neo-Puritans and Scholastics of all stripes will get mad.  Rebutting any form (or perceived form) of Harnack’s charge on Hellenism is the new sexy in theology today. But there is a Hellenism.  And it isn’t good.   … Continue reading

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Outline Torrance Trinitarian Faith

Chapter 1 1.  Christ is himself the content of God’s self-revelation We know the Father through his Son. Christ’s vicarious humanity he did not come in a man but as man. Christ ministers the things of God to man and … Continue reading

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Sailing the Wine Dark Sea

This book is vintage Cahill: witty, provocative, and probably over-sexed. I have to give him credit–Cahill is a competent scholar and he does cover the relevant topics.  He covers the “Greek” outlook on poetry, war, partying, and philosophy.  There is … Continue reading


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Midwifing a Byzantium

Harnack had it backwards.  Did the early church “Hellenize” and thus negate Gospel purity?  The question defies any easy answer.  We will look at a few. (1) Harnack held that the early church imported Greek concepts into the sweet biblical … Continue reading

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