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Book Review: The Word of God and the Mind of Man (Nash)

Nash, Ronald.  The Word of God and the Mind of Man. Zondervan: 1982. Reprint by Presbyterian and Reformed. The possibility of our having cognitive knowledge about God was denied on three grounds:  God is too transcendent; 2) human knowledge is de … Continue reading


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The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship

by George Marsden.  Oxford University Press. Instead of “Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship,” we can name it the “Unstable idea of a halfway-covenant going by the name of Christian scholarship.” A key argument:  Here is the problem.  Secularists object to Christians … Continue reading

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Dooyeweerd on Aristotle

This is from the first 28 pages of New Critique of Theoretical Thought vol 3. I never finished the book because he spent the latter part of it talking about the law-structures of different plants.  I couldn’t see how this was meaningful. … Continue reading

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Notes on Berkouwer’s anthropology

From his Man: The Image of God On the broader/narrower distinction: man, despite his fall, was not beastialized (38).  By narrower man lost his communion with God. the broader sense reminds us of what was not lost in the fall. … Continue reading

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Dooyeweerd and Thomism, some notes

This is from the first 28 pages of New Critique of Theoretical Thought vol 3. Critique of Thomist metaphysics Substance: possessing a permanence unaffected by change (Dooyeweerd 4). Our experience of the identity of a thing is always temporal. Dooyeweerd claims … Continue reading

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Review of Reformation Scholasticism (Dooyeweerd)

Identifying this book is tricky.  I am reviewing Herman Dooyeweerd’s Reformation and Scholasticism volume 1.   Paideia Press, an otherwise outstanding publisher, has released what appears to be several volumes under similar titles.  This volume only covers up to Aristotle (but … Continue reading

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Frame: Kant

Most important chapter in the book.  I will have to break this into several posts. Noumena and Phenomena “our most basic knowledge comes…by the mind’s impressing it on the world” (Frame 256). The mind structures the concepts of experience. Kant’s … Continue reading

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A nonexistent interview I did a while back

This interview never happened.  It is between me and myself.  On a more serious note, I have noticed that my philosophical readings do not fit into any specific category.  That is good, I suppose, since “joining a school” is not … Continue reading

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