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James K A Smith: Speech and Theology (Review)

This is the old Jamie Smith, before he went full-blown NPR.  This book is quite brilliant, actually.  I fully endorse it. Phenomenology:  I am no longer concerned with the thing, but how the thing appears to me.  We are concerned … Continue reading

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Review: Theological Science (Thomas Torrance)

Torrance, Thomas F. Theological Science. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1969 [1996]. If Torrance’s works on the Incarnation and Atonement are his doctrinal magnum opi, this is his theological magnum opus. It demands much from the reader, as Torrance is dealing … Continue reading


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Reading Goals for 2016-2017

I measure the years starting in August, not January. So, here is what I plan, Lord willing, to have read by the end of the year: 1. All of Martin Heidegger’s corpus in English. I’ve read Sein und Zeit and … Continue reading

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Gadamer notes, 3

Now we are getting into the meat of it.  Gadamer is setting the stage for what goes into “understanding a text” (which he fully develops in the next part).  He introduces several key concepts which he will later exploit with … Continue reading

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