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Outline of Maximus’ Cosmology

Chapter 3: The Logos, logoi, and created beings Key to Maximus’s cosmology is the mystery of Christ (64). The logoi are all contained in the divine wisdom, not just his thoughts but his acts of will. Logoi are ideas through … Continue reading

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Analytical Outline of American Augustinian

While the title appears to limit the book’s scope, this treatise is nothing less than a masterpiece in explaining key loci in Reformed theology.  Oliver Crisp outlines how William G.T. Shedd’s “Augustinian Realism” shapes his theology–and he makes us love … Continue reading

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Christ in the Summa Theologiae

Notes from Fergus Kerr’s After Aquinas: Versions of Thomism (Wiley/Blackwell) ST recast traditional works about vice and virtue in terms of the human being’s progress toward beatitude (Kerr 163). Prima pars: mystery of the Godhead Secunda pars:   enjoyment of divine beatitude … Continue reading

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