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Rabbis in the sky? Oy vey!

The alternative to the Divine Council reading of Psalm 82 is that the beney elohim are not spirit-beings (angels, to use a very inaccurate term), but Jewish elders.   If you hold this view, then the following entail: These Jewish dudes are in … Continue reading

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Leithart isn’t Wilson

This is a dangerous post.  I believe I can now quote and interact with Leithart’s scholarly works in good conscience.  True, he was involved in the Sitler affair, and he made some bad decisions.  But he repented of them publicly. … Continue reading

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An Army of Psalm Chanters

Taken from an old post on Jim Jordan, with some new material. But let us consider what a Christian view of the Church would be. It would be a place of transformation, not merely of information. Marshaling the people into … Continue reading

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Liturgical Nestorianism (2)

The Elements of Worship terminism: defining one term by its other.  There is a tendency to reduce everything in theology to laws.  Laws are important, but God didn’t always do that.  There are types, symbols, analogies, etc (66).  This means … Continue reading


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Liturgical Nestorianism (1)

I picked up Jordan’s treatise rebutting Greenville Seminary’s Worship in the Presence of God.  Disclaimer: I am certainly NOT advocating Jordan’s approach to worship nor really much else associated with the man.  But I do think Jordan neatly summarizes the situation … Continue reading

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