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Summary of argument (80).  Because only a small percentage of UFOs are extraordinary, the rest are intentional hoaxes or natural phenomena.   The language of UFO discourse is obtus, perhaps deliberately so. To clarify, the authors are not arguing that extra-terrestrials … Continue reading


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Rutherford and Possibilia

“Samuel Rutherford and the Divine Origin of Possibility and Impossibility” in Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland. P1: God’s being is the first principle of all things (142-143). Which means, pace Aristotle, that the Law of Noncontradiction is not the first principle. The … Continue reading

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Did 2 of my PB comments get deleted?

I started a thread on Jack Chick at Puritanboard. Yes, I know he is off-base and I don’t take him seriously.  I intended several things to happen from that thread, one of which was to highlight Jesuitism and Conspiracy Theories. … Continue reading

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