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Bible Commentary Survey

I will update this as I read more commentaries.  I will also make it a side page. Rating: * – ***** Commentary Sets Of course, I haven’t read every page of every set, so I am not giving singular judgments, … Continue reading

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Covenantal Relations in the Trinity

One of the Reformed Thomist criticisms of Kuyper, Vos, etc., is that they posited covenantal relations in the Trinity.  And this is bad because of Hegel or something.  I want to do two things: actually see what they say and … Continue reading

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Analytical Outline Geisler’s Ethics, pt 1

Begins with a survey of different ethical options, briefly noting their shortcomings (Geisler 17-22). Christian View of Ethics Based on God’s Will Is absolute Based on God’s revelation Is prescriptive Is Deontological Antinomianism Not simply that there are no norms. … Continue reading

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