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The Lost World of Genesis 1 (John Walton)

Like the other “Lost World” books, this is written in proposition format, which makes the arguments easy to follow.  Walton is very clear, even on points where I disagree. There are some flaws in this work, but it is a … Continue reading

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Review: Lost World Canaanite Conquest

The book was a sheer joy to read. It was accessible yet maintained the highest rigors of scholarship.  John and John Walton affirm the historicity of the conquest narrative, yet they avoid “easy” answers often given by evangelical apologists.  They … Continue reading


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Walton’s theses on Canaanite Genocide

This should suffice for a teaser of what the book is about before I do a full-scale review.  I don’t agree with every one of them, but as a whole he made a strong case. Walton’s theses:   Reading the … Continue reading

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