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O’Donovan: Ways of Judgment

This is a review from a decade ago.  I was never persuaded that Oliver O’Donovan advocated Christendom.  I think that’s obvious for two reasons:  1) he specifically rejected the idea and 2) Desire of Nations was more along the lines of examining … Continue reading


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De Regno Christ (Review, Bucer)

Bucer, Martin. This selection of Bucer’s *De Regno Christi* is useful, if incomplete. It omits most of his exposition of the 7th Commandment. I understand why, for space reasons. The drawback is that the reader is not engaged with Bucer’s … Continue reading

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Wyclif: Dominion by Grace

This was an old seminary paper I wrote.  I was young and idealistic.  I stand by most of what I wrote, though I wish I had spent more time with John Wyclif (and I wish RTS Jackson was an institution … Continue reading

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Notes on Wyclif from O’Donovan.

A running series of notes I’ve made on John Wyclif over the past decade, with help from Oliver O’Donovan. From his talk “The Human Person, Economics, and Catholic Social Thought” On the term “communication.” His view of lordship does not … Continue reading

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