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Situation Ethics (review)

You can summarize Fletcher’s ethic as “Claim love, and then you can use it to fornicate and stuff.” Even though this book is bad, it isn’t completely bad. The beginning of the book is fairly well-written. I will do my … Continue reading

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Situation Ethics, Part 1

Towards a full review.  Joseph Fletcher’s Situation Ethics was the theological justification (ad hoc, no doubt) of the Sexual Revolution during the 1960s. Three Approaches Situationism: the mean between legalism and antinomianism (Fletcher 26).  It has an absolute “norm” (love) and … Continue reading


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Analytical Outline Geisler’s Ethics, pt 1

Begins with a survey of different ethical options, briefly noting their shortcomings (Geisler 17-22). Christian View of Ethics Based on God’s Will Is absolute Based on God’s revelation Is prescriptive Is Deontological Antinomianism Not simply that there are no norms. … Continue reading

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